Case Studies



DStv hit us up for with a campaign that would encourage South Africans to scale their subscriptions by upselling their Access and Compact subscribers and onboarding new customers to the Compact Plus package. We nailed it.

Kena Health app

With an overall objective of making healthcare accessible to all, Kena allows users to consult with a doctor or mental health professional from their smartphone. The launch drove App installation and registration, promoting the app through digital, OOH and partnership with Dischem.

Bain’s X Miriam Makeba

Bain's Whisky is a brand that embodies the concept of Remastery, fuelling its curiosity through experimentation. In its latest experiment, Bain’s Whisky remastered the iconic sound of Miriam Makeba in collaboration with Msaki and Sun-El Musician. The result? Pata Pata Saguquka. Blending music, wh...

MiWay Blink

Hoorah was tasked to create a positioning strategy to launch a subsidiary of the MiWay Insurance Group called MiWay Blink. Our goal: to change the way consumers engage with a service like car insurance, from simply getting a quote to submitting a claim and benefitting from driving less by getting...