Bain’s X Miriam Makeba

Pata Pata Reimagined


Bain’s Whisky is a brand that embodies the concept of Remastery, fuelling its curiosity through experimentation.

In its latest experiment, Bain’s Whisky remastered the iconic sound of Miriam Makeba in collaboration with Msaki and Sun-El Musician. The result? Pata Pata Saguquka. Blending music, whisky and art, this campaign is intended to entrench Bain’s connection to music, art and its mastery in craft.


Our media approach centred on brand repositioning to reach  trend savvy audiences with both a stunning new track, as well  as a repackaged Bain’s Whisky.

Key results:

The campaign has so far reached over 2 million people on social media at a cost of R17.38 per 1000 reached and has driven over 250,000 video views at a cost of R0.06 per view. The Pata Pata Saguquka track is currently #8 on South African charts.

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