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Need a hard-hitting media strategy that will deliver real results? Help with a paid media campaign?
Want to start your own in-house media solution, but not sure where to start?
You’re in the right place. Hoorah Media offers an array of dynamic media services:

Media Performance

Planning & Strategy

In today’s world, a solid media plan and strategy is the foundation of business success. Without it, you could just be feeling around in the dark. And in the digital world, there’s no time or money to waste on maybe’s.

At Hoorah Media, we’re not into the guessing game. We base our bespoke media strategies and plans on solid research, strong data and clear insights.

From strategy to plan to executions, we drive real-world results by minimising media waste, optimising data and learnings and adapting with agility, speed and flair.

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Paid Search

In the ever-changing world of paid media, it’s hard to know where to start. How do you cut through the clutter to promote your message?

How do you optimise your spend? One word: data.

At Hoorah Media, we use watertight data to identify and understand your audience. Next, we leverage our vast experience with selecting and utilising leading advertising platforms, to drive performance.

Now we’re talking paid search campaigns that means business.

Social Media

4.26 billion. That’s the number of people using social media today. By 2027, this number is expected to climb to a whopping 6 billion.

With so many eyeballs on so many screens, it makes sense that your brand should get a slice of the pie, right?

Here’s the thing: whether you’re looking to build awareness, conversions or considerations, a solid paid social media strategy is the only way to reach your target market on social media. And that’s where we come in.

Programmatic Media

Our approach to Programmatic is entirely bespoke, and our capabilities span across data-driven creatives, first party data segmentation, custom algorithms and custom tech solutions.
Our planning and activation is built on best-in-class Demand-Side Platform (DSP) tech stack and relationships. We are tech agnostic and can plug into your preferred tech stack - DV360, The Trade Desk, Amazon & Yahoo! We believe in total transparency, and advocate for clients owning their data, tech, and DSP.

We’re flexible to adapt to clients’ unique needs, including in-housing and consulting.

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How do you ensure that your website is easy to find in today’s cluttered maze of online content?

It starts with a razor sharp SEO strategy – one that will ensure that your content navigates and counters search engine algorithms with ease to remain highly visible.

This is not an easy challenge – and often quite a technical one, but Hoorah Media’s savvy team of algorithm ninjas are up for the task.

Data-Drive Creative

At Hoorah Media, we’re a powerful mix of human artistry and digital effectiveness, so when our media data meets brilliant creative, magic happens. That space where a great message lands with the right audience.

We take it a step further to enable dynamic creative for your programmatic campaigns. From creating audience and messaging frameworks, to dynamic templates and feeds, deploying through Studio or DV360 – we can assist throughout the journey to personalising creative for your brand, at scale.

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  • Google Marketing Platform
  • Strategy
  • Media tech integration
  • Performance audits
  • Building in-house media teams

Data & Insights

  • Analytics
  • Reporting
  • Custom dashboards
  • Consumer & brand insights
  • Data management platforms
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